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Over 26 Years in Business - As Always, Made in the USA

Road cases are expensive, heavy and inconvenient. Cheap covers never last. Quilted covers don't hold up - the stitching always comes apart. Let us protect your investment. Tuki Amp Covers are America's most reliable amplifier covers and speaker covers in the business.

Now Available - RedPlate Amp Covers


Marshall Cabinet Covers, Mesa Boogie Cabinet Covers, Tone Tubby Cabinet Covers
Peavey Amp Covers - Classic Series, Peavey Amp Covers - JSX Series, Peavey Amp Covers - ValveKing Series
QSC Speaker Covers - HPR Series, QSC Speaker Covers - HPR122i, QSC Speaker Covers - HPR151,152,153,181
EV Speaker Covers - Sx/Sxa Series, EV Speaker Covers - QRx Series, EV Speaker Covers - SbA Series, Vox Amp Covers
Yamaha Speaker Covers - Club Series, Yamaha Speaker Covers - BR Series, Yamaha Speaker Covers - Monitors
Mesa Boogie Covers - Lonestar, Mesa Boogie Covers - Rectifier, Mesa Boogie Covers - MKI-MKV Combos  
Top Hat Amplifier Covers
Transport, Stage and Studio Slipcovers designed to fit your gear.

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